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College of Engineering Zoom Training

This training is designed to assist faculty, staff, and students with navigating the web interface and desktop application for day-to-day use of Zoom.


The goal of this training is start small and ensure that everyone who completes the program feels comfortable performing tasks within Zoom, beyond just joining a meeting and using a microphone with a webcam.

Module #1 – Signing into Zoom via the web

  • First time sign-on
  • Setting up a default picture
  • Personal meeting ID & personal link
  • Getting training / support

Module #2 – Getting the Zoom desktop application setup

  • First time sign-on
  • Testing video
  • Testing audio
  • Virtual background

Module #2a – Joining a Zoom meeting

  • Join through the Zoom client
  • Join via the web
  • Calling in
  • Calling in with a cell phone

Module #3 – Configuring Zoom meeting settings

  • What is a waiting room?
  • Passcodes
  • Default video broadcasting
  • Join before host & co-host
  • Mute participants on entry
  • Chat & Polls

Module #4 – Configuring Zoom recording settings

  • Local vs. Cloud recording
  • Automatic recording
  • Auto deletion

Module #5 – Scheduling a meeting

  • Single meeting vs. recurring
  • Verify time zone
  • Meeting options
  • Alternative hosts
  • How to communicate/invite a meeting invite

Module #6 – In meeting host controls

  • Video & audio controls
  • Security
  • Participants & chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Starting & Stopping a recording (during a meeting)
  • Views during a meeting
  • Leaving when you are the host

Module #7 – Recording a Zoom meeting

  • How does a cloud recording work?
  • How does a local recording work?
  • What happens if I forget to record?

Module #8– Managing your Zoom recordings

  • Sharing recordings
  • Deleted recordings – recovery options

Module #9 – Basic troubleshooting (during a meeting)

  • Audio issues
  • Video issues
  • Network instability

Module #10 – Updating the Zoom Client

  • How to update the Zoom desktop application