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Zoom Module #2A - Joining a meeting

Joining a Zoom meeting

You won't always be the host of a meeting, so it's important to understand how to join a meeting. You may have received an email from a work colleague with all sorts of information and you might not know exactly how to interpret it. Let's break down the important parts:


Part #1 - Who's meeting & when is it?

Microsoft Outlook and Google calendar is really good about processing the invite and adding it to your calendar on the appropriate day & time. But if you don't use a digital calendar, this where you'll look to determine when the meeting is and be mindful of time zones if you're not Pacific Time based.

Part #2 - The Meeting URL

This lengthy URL will allow you to easily join the meeting from your computer. Clicking it will attempt to launch the Zoom application or encourage you to download it, should it not be installed. All of the necessary meeting information is contained within, so it's basically a single click process.

Part #3 - Dial in information

If you join via phone (either land line or cellular) this is the relevant information you'll reference for what phone number to call and what information you'll need to enter. The "one tap mobile" feature is only available on cellular phones by clicking on it from an email client or mobile browser.

Support links for additional assistance:

Joining a Zoom Meeting (Zoom support)

Run time - 3 minutes