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Campus Facilities Resources

Special Services –
Provides competitively priced rentals and on-demand labor for projects, like office/lab moves, hanging whiteboards, furniture installations, and other basic office/space needs.

UC Davis Facilities –
Dedicated services and trades people who help keep campus running and buildings maintained.
Facilities Units –

Transportation and Parking Services

  • Sign Shop –
    Campus sign shop that specializes in the design and fabrication of a variety of banners, graphics, and signs. / 530-754-5762
    COE Nameplate Formatting Standards: 1½” x length, black background with white, mixed case lettering

Safety Services – Who do I call?

  • Administration, Event Approvals, On-line Training, etc.
    Animals – Aggressive, Distressed, Deceased, or other
    Data Sheets, Inspection Tools, Management Tools, etc.

Movers & Riggers
Third party rigging needed for special equipment moves, like optical tables.