• The role of the Staff Advisory Committee is to provide another communication channel for staff with the Dean.
  • The Dean shares updates and ideas with the committee and gets their feedback.
  • The committee members bring matters of concern or questions to the Dean.
  • The matters of concern or questions that are brought to the Dean are either ones from the committee member themselves or concerns/questions from other staff.
  • All staff in the college should feel free to contact one of the staff committee members if they would like to use this channel of communication with the Dean.

Staff Advisory Committee Members

Biological and Agricultural Engineering Linette Schibelli
Biomedical Engineering Craig Patterson
Civil and Environmental Engineering Fatima Garcia
Computer Science Jim Moersfelder
Dean’s Office Lamia (Hajani) Braun
Electrical and Computer Engineering Marji LeGrand
Materials Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering Susan Lopez
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Felicia Smith