Alison Metzger-Jones, one of the 2019 award winners, with Dean Curtis

Outstanding Staff Awards

Congratulations to our 2022 Outstanding Staff Award recipients!

Meshell Louderman
Meshell Louderman

Chief Administrative Officer
Computer Science

Dawn McGee
Dawn McGee

Student Startup Center

Gabriela Lee
Gabriela Lee

Associate Director
Center for Neuroengineering & Medicine

charles smith outstanding staff award
Charles Smith

Imaging Manager
Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging

The Outstanding Staff Awards were established in 2017. Each year, the college recognizes and honors College of Engineering staff members who show a strong commitment to the mission and vision of the college and consistently perform above and beyond expectations.


To be eligible for this award, the staff member must have:

  • One year of service at the university (career or contract status)
  • Good standing in their position (i.e., not be on formal corrective or disciplinary action)
  • Not won the Outstanding Staff Award in the last five years


Nominees for this award should demonstrate outstanding job performance and will be evaluated through one or more of the following criteria:

  • Exceptional service to students, faculty, staff and/or other stakeholders
  • Innovative approaches towards greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Engagement with the campus community
  • High morale and positive attitude
  • Contributions to promote diversity, equity and inclusion

2022 Nomination Process

Nominations are due to be submitted electronically by Monday, April 4, 2022. Submissions should include specific examples of how the staff member has demonstrated the criteria above. Multiple submissions are welcome. If you need help with the process, have other questions or would like additional information, please email

How to Write a Compelling Nomination

Below are suggestions on how to write a strong and compelling nomination. Note: Please try to use a neutral pronoun for anonymity. For example, “this person/our nominee/our candidate…”

  • Supporting Statements: Include supporting statements with specific examples that address the award criteria. Examples should include outcomes, results and/or activities above and beyond the call of duty.
  • WHAT did the nominee do?
    • Projects and/or activities above the nominee’s job description
    • Challenges or issues encountered and overcome
  • HOW did they do it?
    • Initiative and/or leadership
    • Creativity and/or innovation
  • WHAT was the outcome and/or impact?
    • What did the nominee accomplish?
    • What were the specific benefits to the college, department and/or unit?
  • Helpful words and phrases:
    • Consistently goes above-and-beyond to…
    • Regularly demonstrates excellence, integrity, leadership, outstanding commitment to…
    • Is responsible for organizing, leading, tracking…
    • Has successfully organized/executed

This person is deserving of an outstanding staff award because of their regular, above-and-beyond commitment and support of the employees in their unit. For example, each month, this manager shares the latest staff development opportunities with their staff and encourages staff to enroll in training and/or workshops. This unwavering support creates a positive office environment and challenges employees to continuously grow in their roles. This person also positively affects employee morale through their regular and clear communication and support.

Review & Selection Process

Nominations are reviewed and evaluated by the Staff Advisory Committee. All nominations will be anonymous to the Staff Advisory Committee. Staff Advisory Committee members are not eligible for awards. Nominees will not be made aware of their nomination. Dean Corsi will notify winners and their nominators.