Research and Library Committee

  • There shall be a Research and Library Committee composed of one representative from each department and division of the College of Engineering. The Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and the Head of the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library shall serve as ex officio members of this Committee. The Committee shall meet at least once each quarter and provide an annual report to the college faculty meeting.
  • The Committee shall seek to identify interdisciplinary research opportunities and coordinate interdepartmental or college-wide responses.
  • The Committee shall act to recommend selection of faculty proposals in cases where limited college or university submission is necessary.
  • The Committee shall provide advice on matters related to research and library facilities.
  • The Committee shall act to provide faculty input on matters related to research.

Research and Library Committee Members

Biological and Agricultural Engineering Juliana de Moura Bell
Biomedical Engineering Laura Marcu
Chemical Engineering Jiandi Wan
Civil and Environmental Engineering Rob Chai
Computer Science Yong Jae Lee
Electrical and Computer Engineering Jane Gu
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering TBD
Materials Science and Engineering Jeff Gibeling
Ex Officio Ricardo Castro
Administrative Support Alin Wakefield