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Safety is Our Priority

We envision an incident-free campus where students and employees alike are educated and equipped to work safely. We fully support all faculty, staff, and students by being a source of safety and environmental guidance with the goal of finding a way that all activities within the College of Engineering can be performed safely. Keep reading to learn more about employee safety training requirements and personal safety tips from the UC Davis Police Department.

Employee Safety Training

*Training needs are based upon hazards present. Please assess additional safety needs with the button below or contact your Department Safety Coordinator (DSC).

Assess your conditional training needs



*Inspections may also include Crane and Hoist, Fall Protection, Biological Use Authorization (BUA)Environmental (CUPA every 3 years). Please speak with your Department Safety Coordinator (DSC) to assess additional inspection requirements.

More information on annual inspections and resources can be found here.

Personal Safety Tips

The UC Davis Police Department maintains a list of tips and resources related to your safety, personal property, bicycle security, scams and fraud, and more.

Call 911 to report emergencies or suspicious activities

If you see something, say something. More information on how to report a crime or submit a crime tip.

Get a safety escort or safe ride on the Davis campus

UC Davis Police Safe Rides is a free services that provides transportation after-hours on campus. Call 530-754-COPS or use the free smart phone application (TapRide) to request a ride.

Make sure you get emergency alerts via WarnMe

Be aware of critical situations and information on or near campus by registering for WarnMe alerts. More information on the program can be found at the UC Davis WarnMe website.

Request a customized safety training

The UC Davis Police Department offers training in situational awareness, general self-defense, and active shooter incident survival. Contact Director of Safety Steven Dilbert to discuss options or visit the UCDPD's Education and Training webpage for more options and details.

View the full list at UC Davis Police Department