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Junior Specialist Recruitment

Recruitment of Junior Specialists

Junior Specialists are included in the RA collective bargaining agreement. 

All searches must be done via Recruit in order to ensure compliance of fair hiring practices. 
Search Plans must be approved via Recruit routing before recruitment activities can begin by the:

  1. Department Chair
  2. Dean’s office analyst
  3. Associate Dean – Academic Personnel

Please note: a minimum of 15 days for posting. The Conflict of Interest Form is needed prior to each shortlist, uploaded to the Documents section of the search in Recruit.

Once the search is complete, departments submit a shortlist report for approval and identify candidates selected to interview. The routing is the same as search plan approval.  When the shortlist has been approved, the department may proceed with the interview process as outlined in the approved search plan.  Once a candidate has been identified, the department submits a search report for approval. Once the search report has been approved, the department may proceed with appointment process in MIV.

Please consult with the COE AP Office for direction on conducting pool recruitments.

Search waivers are possible under certain conditions (waivers are requested through RECRUIT)

  1. Emergency Hires: Two months appointments are possible, however search must be conducted during the two months, emergency hire candidate may apply for position.
  2. Spousal/Partner Hire; recruitment/retention of a senate member or member of senior management group.
  3. Continuation of Training: Candidate is trainee of campus (undergraduate/graduate) who will remain for a short period of time to complete project.  Search waiver may not exceed 18 months.
  4. Research Team: Candidate is part of existing research for a NEW FACULTY MEMBER, waiver may be in effect as long as they remain with same research team and in the same series.

Once the final search report or waiver is approved, an appointment dossier must be submitted and approved before the Junior Specialist may be hired.

New appointments and Reappointments with a step change (Step 1 to Step 2)

New appointment/reappointments with step change will be submitted in MIV for review/approval.
Dossier to include the following:

  1. Action Form
  2. Brief department letter (recommendation: PI to write letter addressed to Department Chair requesting appointment, department chair signs letter to concur.)
  3. Biography Form
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Position Description*

Reappointment with NO Step change, Percentage Increases and Request for Exception reappointment beyond 24 month limit

Reappointment requests route through MIV and must conform to the notification requirements outlined in the RA contract.

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