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Undergraduate Educational Policy Committee

  • There shall be a Committee on Undergraduate Educational Policy composed of one representative from each department and division of the College of Engineering offering an undergraduate curriculum. The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies shall serve as an ex officio member of this Committee.  Each member shall serve at least one two-year term, with approximately one-half of the members replaced each year.  The respective departments shall make temporary appointments to replace those members, who because of sabbatical leaves or for other reasons are unable to serve.  Temporary appointments shall be automatically terminated at the time the regularly appointed member is able to resume service or at the end of the regularly appointed member’s term, whichever is sooner.  (Am.5/13/98, 2/9/00, 5/22/13)
  • The Committee shall review and approve or disapprove requests for new courses or changes in existing courses and shall transmit to the Deans those approved for submission to the Davis Division Committee on Courses of Instruction.
  • This Committee shall be charged with the examination of existing and proposed engineering curricula and the conduct and content of courses insofar as they affect engineering curricula. The results of such study and proposals from the departments or faculty groups of the college regarding changes in curricula, as well as any other proposed changes in college requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree, shall be submitted with recommendations to the Executive Committee for final action. (Am. 5/23/79, 2/9/00)
  • The Committee shall develop and maintain a current list of courses which may be taken in satisfaction of the General Education topical breadth requirements for the degree and shall approve and maintain the lists of suggested technical electives pertinent to the various undergraduate programs of the college.
  • The Committee shall advise the Dean of the College of Engineering on matters pertaining to relations with community colleges.
  • This Committee shall be responsible for action on individual student petitions, including changes in study lists, courses of study, graduation requirements, dropping courses after normal deadlines, and Change of Major appeals.  (Am. 5/13/98, 5/21/09)
  • The Committee shall approve the lists of candidates to be recommended for the Bachelor of Science degree and those to be recommended for the award of Honors, High Honors, and Highest Honors at graduation. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Faculty regarding the criteria to be used in selecting the candidates to be recommended for Honors, High Honors, and Highest Honors at graduation, consistent with Davis Division Bylaw 123.  (Am. 5/13/98, 5/21/09)

Undergraduate Educational Policy Committee Members

Electrical and Computer Engineering Hussain Al Assad
Ex Officio Ralph Aldredge
Civil and Environmental Engineering Colleen Bronner
Biomedical Engineering Jennifer Choi
Materials Science and Engineering Amir Saedi
Computer Science Christopher Nitta
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Valeria La Saponara
Biological and Agricultural Engineering Stavros Vougioukas
Chemical Engineering Jason White
Administrative Support Jackie McPhillips Balcerak & Meghan Kuroda