Student Recruitment, Development and Welfare Committee

  • There shall be a Committee on Student Recruitment, Development and Welfare composed of one representative from each department and division of the College of Engineering offering an undergraduate or graduate curriculum. The Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, the directors of special programs within the college, the Director of Undergraduate Student Services, and the Student Affairs Officer shall serve as permanent ex officio members of this Committee. If a member of the college faculty currently serves on Graduate Council, then this faculty member shall also be an ex officio member of the Committee. Meetings shall be held at least once each quarter and will include an annual update on the college’s student development programs.
  • The Committee shall provide guidance and recommendations to special student programs, and shall develop and maintain yearly reviews of student progress and activities in each of these programs.
  • The Committee shall act as a campus liaison for, and assist in the coordination of new student development programs.
  • The Committee will solicit, audition, and select the College of Engineering Commencement Student Speaker to address the graduates. (Am. 5/16/03)
  • The Committee shall cooperate with the Dean of the College of Engineering on student problems, and jointly with the Dean, shall have general oversight over the welfare of the students in the College of Engineering. (Am. 5/16/03)
  • Within the policies and procedures established by Graduate Council, the Committee shall act on the following: the award of graduate fellowships and scholarships administered by the college; publications and announcements pertaining broadly to graduate studies in engineering; graduate student welfare in the college; and other matters related to graduate study.
  • The Committee shall review departmental recommendations for the College and University Medals.  The Committee shall forward the names of outstanding candidates for the University Medal to the University Scholarship Office for further consideration.  The Committee shall make the selection of the College Medalist/s. (Am. 5/16/03)

Student Recruitment, Development and Welfare Committee Members

Biological and Agricultural Engineering                  Gail Bornhorst
Biomedical Engineering                  Cheemeng Tan
Chemical Engineering                  Jason White
Civil and Environmental Engineering                  Alissa Kendall
Computer Science                  Sam King
Electrical and Computer Engineering                  Marina Radulaski
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering                  TBD
Materials Science and Engineering                  Roopali Kukreja
Ex Officio                  Ralph Aldredge/Ricardo Castro/Tanya Whitlow
Administrative Support                  Mayra Zamora