Comet Commendations

comet commendation

Comet Commendations are an opportunity to recognize fellow College of Engineering employees who take actions that strengthen our community. Staff, faculty and other academic employees are encouraged to participate and recognize their colleagues.

Submit commendations via online form by the last Thursday of each month.

Each month, three recipients and one submitter from the previous month will be randomly selected to receive a $25 gift card.

Randomly selected recipients will be highlighted in Engineering Weekly on the first Tuesday of the month. All other recipients of commendations will be recognized on the college's intranet on an ongoing basis.

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Note: This program is for staff, faculty and other academic employees. See below for resources and ideas to recognize student staff, graduate and professional students and postdocs.

Commendations Given

Those noted with an asterisk (*) were randomly selected to receive a $25 gift card and featured in Engineering Weekly.

September 2022

Recipient's Department
Reason for Commendation
Submitter's Department
Alin Wakefield 
Dean's Office  Alin went above and beyond in coordinating an event to foster collaboration between UC Davis and Sandia National Lab. He single-handedly covered everything to ensure it was a productive and useful meeting for the entire team and he handled last minute requests with grace and competence. Raissa D'Souza Dean's Office, MAE and CS 
Ammy Martinez
Dean's Office Ammy consistently goes above and beyond in her duties. As a member of multiple recent Recruitment Advisory Committees, I personally observed Ammy going the extra mile when managing the logistics of many busy calendars, food delivery, and all the small things to support the committee and present the best impression possible to our candidates. Our successful recruitments were due in large part to Ammy's attention to detail and positive attitude when faced with difficult challenges. Steve Pigg Dean's Office
Brian Donnelly
IT Brian started the Fall Quarter short two members of his DevOps team. He quickly reassigned some of their job duties to himself to ensure a successful start of the term. From spending countless hours contacting software vendors about licenses to assisting with server patching sessions, Brian displayed outstanding leadership and a thorough understanding of the mission at hand.  Dean Bunn IT
CeCe Coyle
MAE CeCe is extremely resourceful, hard-working, and so adaptable to change. She is currently serving on the Aggie Enterprise Oracle Testing Committee and will be a tremendous resource for the even bigger changes ahead.   Lili Scheiber MAE
Eileen Panguito*
BME Eileen has enthusiastically stepped in to assist Professor Marcu with her P41 center award administrative duties. Eileen has inherited a tremendous amount of work and does it all with a smile. Thank you, Eileen, for all you do and for working late to get it all done! Lisa Hayes BME
Elsa Rojas Perez
Dean's Office In multiple professional interactions, Elsa went above and beyond in contributing to events of the Center for Neuroengineering & Medicine, such as the research symposium at the beginning of this summer. She had great suggestions and contributed to problem-solving when issues arose. It is a pleasure working with Elsa, and I want to send a shout-out in recognition of her contributions. Gabriela Lee* Center for Neuroengineering & Medicine, Dean's Office
Fatima Garcia
CEE Fatima recently put a lot of effort into helping with orientation for our new graduate students. She prepared slides and presented information for the financial team at orientation and is hosting an additional training for our graduate students on purchasing and reimbursements. I really appreciate the development of these additional resources to proactively guide and train our graduate students on the complex policies, processes and systems.  Lauren Worrell CEE
Inna Revzin
BME Inna has been very supportive of our department while we struggled to hire an academic personal analyst. She was very thorough in answering our many questions, provided guidance with the various programs, and was very pleasant to work with. Carole Bustamante ECE
Jessica Rodriguez
MAE Jessica presented to the Finance Staff Networking Group and showed us how to automate the projections spreadsheets we provide to our PIs. I really appreciate the help. It will reduce the time it takes to generate the reports. Thank you, Jessica! Craig Patterson BME
Jessica Stoller*
CS When ECE lost their graduate program coordinator, Jessica agreed to work with both the CAO and financial analyst who had taken of the tasks of the graduate program coordinator. Jessica gave us advice on forms and procedures and agreed to meet with our students while still performing her own duties within her department. We cannot thank Jessica enough for everything she has done for our department. Carole Bustamante ECE
Joseph Menke
IT Joseph has gladly stepped up and taken on additional IT admin services provided to the college.  Dean Bunn IT
Lauren Worrell
CEE Our team was contacted by the wife of an alumnus. The alum had recently passed away and was working on his obituary. She asked us about his degrees and some awards he had received. She mentioned his name on display in an engineering building. Lauren tracked down the awards, took photos, and sent them to the widow. What an awesome example of going above and beyond. The widow was incredibly grateful. Lauren, thank you! Alison Metzger-Jones Dean's Office
Lili Scheiber
MAE Lili provided excellent support in setting up accounting systems for the UC Davis EcoCAR EV Challenge team. This new team has a complex mix of funding elements, and Lili has done a great job in getting these set up. Her efforts have benefitted our 6 fellowship students as well as the faculty and staff involved in the team. Thank you, Lili! Mike Hill MAE
Maureen Ramirez
CHE/MSE Maureen started as our new financial manager for Chem Eng and Mat Sci at a time when all three financial manager positions were open. Almost every lab, including mine, had months of backlogged issues to deal with. Morale was low. Maureen came in and started working 60+ hours per week. She is very knowledgeable, took careful notes, asked the right questions and she systematically corrected 6 months of financial mistakes over a period of less than a month for more than 40 professors. She did the work of three people and never complained or made excuses. I was a truly awesome display of hard work and competence. She deserves a commendation, a raise and a parade. Adam Moule CHE
Ruben Arevalo
BME Ruben has once again gone above and beyond with our IT support! We had two conferences in one day and they both needed IT support, so he went back and forth across campus to assist both events, and it was last-minute notice. Ruben also came in clutch with getting the faculty started for fall quarter IT needs. Thank you for all you do, Ruben! Lisa Hayes BME
Shadaya Litt*
EUO I would like to recognize and thank Shadaya for all of her hard work and continued dedication to the students and the work done by the EUO. We have been severely understaffed for the past few months. She continues to show up with a positive attitude despite the volume of work. I appreciate her contributions to the team and want to make sure she is acknowledged and recognized for it! Lisa Laughter EUO