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Access Control Management


Requesting – Send an email to Stephani at to request a key(s) for COE Dean’s Office space. Include room/key number(s) along with name, email, & phone number of key holder.
Pick-up – Once paperwork is completed, keys may be picked up at COE Receiving (1334-A Bainer Hall).
Drop-off – Key may be returned to COE Receiving.
Lost / Stolen/ Broken – Notify manager and Stephani ( if your keys are lost, stolen, or broken.
Key Cards

Alarm Access

Core Campus
Gate Code – For COE Dean’s Office, please contact Stephani at for a gate code. For departments, please contact the administrative assistant or manager.
Gate Access Card –
Core Campus Permit –

“Um, I forgot my keys…”
Getting locked out of your office is no fun. If a manager isn’t available to let you in, you may contact Stephani or Dave for assistance.