Faculty Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee shall consist of one elected member from each department of the College of Engineering and the Dean of the College, ex officio. Each elected member shall serve a three-year term, with the election of approximately one-third of the members each year.  The respective department shall make temporary appointments to replace those members, who because of sabbatical leaves or for other reasons are unable to serve.  Such appointments shall be automatically terminated at the time the regularly appointed member is able to resume service or at the end of the regularly appointed member’s term, whichever is sooner. (Am. 5/21/09)
  • The Executive Committee shall meet as necessary, but not less than once per academic term.
  • The Executive Committee shall receive requests that may require committee action and direct such requests to the appropriate committee(s).
  • The Executive Committee shall have the authority to take final action on behalf of the Faculty except regarding legislation. Alternatively, the Executive Committee may refer any matter that it deems advisable to the Faculty for final action.
  • A majority of the membership, excluding vacancies noted in the records of the Vice-Chair, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business by Executive Committee. There shall be no votes by proxy.
  • The Executive Committee shall submit to the Faculty each year, at the regular meeting, nominations for the members and chairs of all standing committees of the Faculty other than the Executive Committee. The Faculty shall either elect those nominated or make additional nominations from the floor. If additional nominations are made, election shall be by secret ballot at this meeting.  The Executive Committee shall appoint members to fill any vacancies occurring during the year.  (Am. 10/9/68; Renum. and Am. 11/10/99)
  • The Executive Committee shall appoint members to and designate the Chair of special committees as may be authorized by the Faculty. (Renum. and Am. 11/10/99)
  • The Executive Committee shall consider administrative matters referred to it by the Dean.
  • The Vice-Chair shall provide the Faculty with written minutes of each Executive Committee meeting within ten academic days. These minutes shall clearly describe all actions taken by the Executive Committee, and may be distributed electronically. (Am. 5/21/09)
  • The Committee shall coordinate and communicate on matters related to the Distance Learning Program (DLP) with the Office of the Dean of Engineering and oversee the DLP contract renewal process, ultimately providing advice prior to contract renewal. (Am. 4/7/17)

Faculty Executive Committee Members

Biological and Agricultural Engineering David Slaughter
Biomedical Engineering Kent Leach
Chemical Engineering Marjorie Longo, Chair
Civil and Environmental Engineering Mark Rashid
Computer Science Nina Amenta (fall)
Electrical and Computer Engineering Chen-Nee Chuah
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering TBD
Materials Science and Engineering Subhash Risbud
Dean’s Office Alyssa Panitch
Ex Officio Jennifer Curtis
Administrative Support Melanie Christensen

Meeting Minutes

Annual Faculty Meeting Minutes