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Onboarding Checklist - Hiring Manager

Onboarding Checklist – Hiring Manager

Please utilize the checklist to prepare for your new staff member’s arrival and ensure a positive onboarding experience during their first crucial days on the job.

Within 3 days of new staff member’s hire

Prior to Start Date

  • Request building access and keys from local building access/key card manager.
  • Submit requests to schedule a portrait session and update the website directory.
  • Identify and prepare workspace.
    • Evaluate and clean workspace.
    • Stock workspace with applicable office supplies.
    • Ensure reference materials are available.
    • Consider setting out a welcome card, plant, College of Engineering polo, etc.
  • Identify staff member(s) with similar responsibilities to coach new staff member on specific work-related processes and procedures.
  • Prepare itinerary for the new staff member’s first week.
  • Call/send an email to new staff member about their first day, which may include the following:

First Day

Greet new staff member.
  • Introduce new staff member to colleagues.
  • Provide tour of workspace, floor and/or building (as applicable).
  • Issue keys.
Review and discuss the following:
Support new staff member to set up the following:
Meet with team to determine who will add new staff member to relevant communication tools and technologies, such as:
  • Email distribution lists
  • Box folders
  • Organization chart
  • Website directory
  • Slack channels

First Week

Meet with new staff member to confirm they have completed and/or review the following:

Within the First 30 Days

Second to Sixth Month

  • Provide monthly feedback to the new staff member about job performance.
  • Formally evaluate performance to determine completion of probationary period.
  • Celebrate completion of probationary period!
  • Set goals for next six months.