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The Research Support and Administration team within the College of Engineering facilitates and coordinates information regarding contracts and grants analysis, compliance and research administration.

We value communication, teamwork, collaboration and mutual respect. We strive for excellence, efficiency and innovation by adapting and utilizing emerging modules, best practices, technology, maintaining transparency and adhering to compliance policies.

  • Our Functions
  • Work collaboratively with faculty, researchers and department staff in developing large, cross-disciplinary proposals to extramural sponsors.

    Provide high-level, policy-driven research administration oversight and guidance at the college level.

    Work to enhance and support a culture of grantsmanship within the College of Engineering by gathering, managing, and analyzing financial data from a variety of revenue streams or sources, including state and federal grants, private grants, gifts and other funding sources.

    Play a leading role in coordinating and facilitating teams of investigators and executives in developing proposals on strategic initiatives, such as those related to infrastructure, diversity, Strategic Research Vision, and training within the College of Engineering.

    Analyze the research administration needs of the College of Engineering’s community to determine strategic synergetic activities to increase/enhance the competitiveness of the college in obtaining extramural funding.

    Provide oversight and support in managing post-award activity/tasks and reporting for the College of Engineering.  

    Research and analyze extramural funding opportunities and share or disseminate such opportunities to faculty and the research community as prospective funding sources of interest for consideration.

    Provide oversight for extramural planning and budgetary analysis by gathering and applying financial data and university financial management mechanisms to ensure comprehensive and accurate budget construction.

    Provide leadership and direction for college and departmental extramural staff in developing budgets and justifications for sponsors to maintain integrity and ensure compliance.

    Function collaboratively in partnership with office units and departments to establish a college budget review process to analyze and assess budget submissions by all departmental extramural staff, according to impact, type of funding and alignment with any existing programmatic and college-center objectives.

    Manage complicated proposal processes with individuals or small teams of researchers to reduce friction in all areas of proposal development.

    Work collaboratively, in tandem with departmental contracts and grants analysts to provide seamless support for submitting large proposals that originate from the College of Engineering to seek campus approval and submission to the sponsor via electronic research administration systems, such as CAYUSE, DoD_BRAP, DoEd_G5, DoE_PAMS, DoJ_JustGrants, etc.
  • Departmental Grant Administration Support
  • In the College of Engineering, each Principal Investigator (PI) works with his/her Departmental Research Analyst/Administrator, who is the primary point of contact for the PI and UC Davis’ central office of Sponsored Research.

    For proposals and awards, the Departmental Research Analyst/Administrator is responsible for coordinating and managing the proposal development process to ensure timely, compliant, and accurate submissions, including budget development, interpretation of sponsor requirements, institutional review, and signature.

    The Departmental Research Analyst/Administrator collaborates with his/her colleague from the UC Davis’ central office of Sponsored Research to draw support from subject matter experts in Risk Management, Campus Counsel, Budget Office, Compliance Office and other research-related Offices.

    Both Pre and Post-Award research administration tasks are handled within each Department, with each Principal Investigator (PI) working with his/her Departmental Research Analyst/Administrator who handles the assigned PI’s portfolio; and thereby becomes the primary point of contact for the PI. 

    The Departmental Research Analyst/Administrator is the individual who is responsible for the award oversight, administration, reporting and communication throughout the award lifecycle.

Not sure where to start? Contact 

Dean's Office


Raissa M. D'Souza


Professor and Associate Dean for Research

Elissa Roeser


Executive Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance

Prosper Godonoo


Senior Research Administration Analyst


Cindy Bray 530-752-7266 Finance Officer, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
Austin J. Coyle 530-752-8775 Research Administrator, Civil and Environmental Engineering
CeCelia Coyle 530-752-6256 Business Office Manager, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Vicki Gracia


Contracts and Grants Analyst, Biomedical Engineering
Maria Horan 530-752-4074 Contracts and Grants Analyst, Chemical Engineering; Material Science and Engineering
Lisa Hayes 530-752-4731 Business Operations Manager, Biomedical Engineering 
Wendy Johnson 530-752-9712 Contracts and Grants Analyst, Electrical and Computer Engineering
David Lee 530-754-5830 Research Administrator, Computer Science

Christa Oldfield


Contracts and Grants Analyst, Biomedical Engineering

Craig Patterson


Contracts and Grants Manager, Biomedical Engineering

Cammie Pugh


Grants and Contracts Analyst, Computer Science

Maureen Ramirez


Financial Analyst, Chemical Engineering; Material Science and Engineering
Rita Reber 530-752-8470 Contracts and Grants Analyst, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jessica Rodriguez 530-752-5981 Finance Officer, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Rachael Rubinato 530-752-5759 Financial Services Analyst, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Arshna Sharma


Research Administrator, Chemical Engineering; Material Science and Engineering

Gregory F. Zebouni


Financial Services Analyst, Civil and Environmental Engineering