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Zoom Module #5 - Scheduling a meeting

Scheduling a meeting

Sign into the web interface -

Navigate to the left-hand column menu and click on Meetings

  • Give your meeting an appropriate title
  • When does the meeting start based on the select time zone?
  • How long is the meeting?

If this is a recurring meeting, you can choose to schedule all of those recurring meetings in advance. You'll choose the appropriate recurrence, when it occurs and when the occurrences end.

Don't forget to set a passcode or waiting room. Come mid-September 2021 having one of these enabled for your meeting will be required by Zoom.

  • Enable join before host - If this box is checked, individuals with your meeting information can join the meeting before you do. Otherwise they'll be able to join the meeting but reach a splash screen that tells the host has not yet arrived.
  • Mute participants on entry - Remember what we said earlier about the person joining from their car and all that wind noise? It's still not awesome.
  • Record the meeting automatically - Something to consider if you'll know that you will want to record this meeting in advance, so you don't forget.
    • If you've configured your account to always do this, this box will be automatically checked.

An alternative host(s) can be added so that in the event you're running late, someone else can step up to perform host responsibilities/duties for your meeting. This is especially helpful if the enable join before host is not checked.

Support links for additional assistance:

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