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Zoom Module #1 - Signing into Zoom via the web

Signing into Zoom via the web

The URL for accessing Zoom via the web is –

  • Click the Sign-In button on this page and use your UC Davis Kerberos LoginID and passphrase to access your Zoom profile.

Navigation to settings and quick links to perform actions can be found on the right-hand column of the page.

  • Profile – Allows you to see and customize profile settings such as your profile picture, personal meeting ID and personal link.
  • Meetings – This landing page will allow you to schedule a new meeting, review previous meetings you hosted and customize your personal meeting room settings.
  • Webinars – If configured for your account (this is an additional premium subscription service) you will be able to perform webinar meeting configuration options.
  • Recordings – Review previous cloud & local recordings, including downloading and sharing cloud recordings. You also have the ability to delete recordings and recover recordings that have been moved to the trash.
  • Settings – A rather lengthy list of meeting, recording, and telephone settings. Most settings have a brief explanation provided. The slider bar to the left (gray) indicates it is not enabled. The slider bar to the right (blue) indicates it is enabled.

Support links for additional assistance:

Zoom Support

UC Davis Knowledge Base

Runtime – 2 minute, 28 seconds