Zoom Module #2 - Desktop application setup

Getting the Zoom desktop application setup

The URL for downloading the Zoom client is here - https://ucdavis.zoom.us/download

The Zoom client is also available for mobile (iOS & Android)

  • To sign-in to Zoom via the desktop client, make sure to click Sign In with SSO
  • Ensure the Company Domain is set to ucdavis
  • Sign-in with UC Davis Kerberos LoginID & passphrase

Now is a good time to briefly review some settings for your desktop computer equipment.

We recommend leaving the Speaker & Microphone as Same as System and that you perform a test of your speaker and microphone to verify your equipment is properly working.

Video is another area you will want to verify, if you have a webcam hooked up to your computer. For some added fun there's a virtual background option that allows you to create a green screen type effect for your video broadcast. 

Support links for additional assistance:

Audio, Video, Sharing (Zoom Support)

Virtual Backgrounds (Zoom Support)

Runtime – 2 minute, 58 seconds