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Zoom Module #3 - Configuring some basic meeting settings

Configuring some basic Zoom meeting settings

Sign into the web interface -

Navigate to the left-hand column menu and click on Settings

  • Waiting Room - This allows you to create a staging area for individuals when they join a meeting. They will not be able to share video or audio and they cannot see other participants. Only the host can promote someone out of the waiting room into the actual meeting.
  • Passcodes - An additional layer of security to protect your meeting from having unauthorized attendees. Zoom will be requiring either a passcode or waiting room for all meetings in mid-September 2021.
  • Muting participants on entry - A recommended setting to avoid having an existing meeting interrupted by someone joining with their microphone on.

Support links for additional assistance:

Waiting Room (Zoom Support)

Runtime – 3 minute, 27 seconds