Instructional Resilience Guide

College of Engineering Instructional Resilience Guide

Updated 04/02/2020 at 4:07 pm

Campus/College of Engineering Resources

  • Campus Zoom – The Campus Zoom instance – Learn more
  •       How to record lectures and add videos to course Canvas site – Presentation by Tonya Kuhl
  •       Zoom 101 Training by COE IT
  •       Office Hours and Lectures Zoom Protocol –  Courtesy of Walter Leal, MCB
  •       Zoom Knowledge Base Articles – new articles added every week
  • Aggie Video – UC Davis branded Kaltura offers useful video editing software and video storage. 

  • Cisco Jabber– Using your campus phone number remotely
  • Virtual Instructional Labs (VDI) – College of Engineering virtual lab environment
  • Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) – Accessing your campus Windows desktop computer from home
  • College of Engineering VPN – Accessing the College of Engineering VPN – This makes your remote computer appear as if it were directly connected to the campus network, as some resources may only be accessed from campus.
  • Slack – Online chat and collaboration tool in the cloud – Learn more
    • Slack channels for Faculty: 
      • Faculty will be added to a few channels – you can leave channels that are not of interest to you
      • You can join additional channels, by clicking on the word “channels” not the + sign. This action will take you to a list of current channels that you can join
      • We have channels on Zoom, Gradescope, labs, online teaching transition, etc.
      • If a channel does not exist that you would like, click the “+ “sign to create a new channel
      • If you have a question, either use @channel or @[name of person], so that they receive a notification and can answer the question
    • Slack channels can also be made for students so they can communicate with each other – include a couple faculty/advisors to be able to answer their questions.
  • Box – Cloud file storage and sharing – Learn more
  • Camtasia – Recording Lectures – Courtesy of Walter Leal, MCB
  • IET-maintained instructional resilience resource site
    Contains information and resources on communication, lecture capture, Canvas, Zoom, online webinars, online proctoring / Examity, Gradescope, Qualtrics, online equity & inclusion

External Resources

Communication with Students

  • Statement to Include in Online Assessment
  • See what other departments are doing to keep teaching here.
  • Reach out to students before the quarter starts, so all students know what to expect. Here is a template, that can be modified and sent to your all students.
  • Departments can reach out to all students explaining/detailing the situation and what to expect. Here is an overview template and a more detailed template, kindly provided by CEE.
  • The Library is able to support international students with their VPN service. Send students this link for more information:
    • The Library also offers an online support form, monitored day and night, that should be used to identify problems with the VPN.
    • Here is a list of what programs may/may not require the use of a VPN.

College of Engineering Zoom Rooms

  • Zoom Rooms are a meeting or lecture facility with audio visual equipment integrated with Zoom. If you prefer to use a campus room to record or present live, the following rooms may be available. Information technology staff can meet you onsite to assist with setup.  Email or call (530) 784-4876.
    • Academic Surge 2022 – overhead projector, room facing camera, speakers and microphone – Reserve in COWS.
    • Bainer 1062 & 1070 – overhead projector, two presenter facing cameras, speakers and microphone – Reserve by contacting Brigitta Schumacher-Bradley / DLP.
    • Bainer 2130 – overhead projector, room facing camera, speakers and microphone – Request in COWS, approved by MAE.
    • Kemper 1003 – overhead projector, room facing camera, presenter facing camera, and speakers (dial in with conference phone for microphone) – Reserve in COWS.
    • Kemper 1007 – television display, speakers and room facing camera with integrated microphone – Reserve in COWS.
    • Mobile Zoom Room – DTEN 55″ television display with room facing camera and integrated microphones – Request from or call (530) 784-4876.