Grant Proposal Preparation

Efforts by the faculty are increasing to develop research programs by means of extramural grants. In the College of Engineering Research Office, we wish to provide prompt, reliable, and accurate services to faculty for preparation of research proposals. We hope the following guidelines will facilitate this vital activity. Please let us know if you have suggestions or comments.

Preparation of a typical research proposal goes through a cycle as follows:

1. Obtain the request for proposals (RFP) or agency instructions regarding purpose, eligibility, application procedures, budget information, and deadlines.

2. If you are requesting matching funds, submit your written request (email is fine) directly to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College a minimum of two weeks prior to the deadline.

3. Write the scientific narrative of the proposal.

4. The College Research Office can assist with your budget and form preparations. Budgets can be prepared within a few minutes; revisions and alternative budgets are easy to do.  Please allow funds for disposal of chemical or radioactive wastes.

5. Once your proposal is complete, it is routed through the College Research Office for signature from the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

6. The proposal is then sent to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research for University review and approval.

7. If the proposal does not require electronic submission, the proposal is picked up by your department or College Research Office. Appropriate copies are made and the proposal is Federal Expressed to the agency for review.

We ask for four days to prepare the budget, type forms, and obtain University verification and approval. The four days we request in the College is in addition to the 5 days required by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.


The UC Davis Sponsored Programs website offers information on funding opportunities, limited submissions, and a proposal preparation section.