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Safety & Ergonomics

Workstation Evaluation
Managers and supervisors are responsible for conducting ergonomic evaluations for their employees as per P&P 290-16. Participation by the manager/supervisor is required in order to perform an ergonomic evaluation of the employee’s workstation. Employees desiring an ergonomic evaluation will need to contact their supervisor.

Workstation Setup Guidelines and Information
Ergonomic Program Services
UC Davis Office Ergonomics
Ergonomic Chair Fitting
Computer Ergonomics
What is Good Posture?

First step
Do a self-assessment.  This is recommended annually as well as helping to understand ergonomics and the evaluations that may be needed.  Go here for the link –

Second step – an evaluation (if needed)
Tier One Evaluation
Contact your department safety coordinator (DSC).  If they’re unavailable or unable to assist then contact Steven Dilbert at to request a tier one evaluation.

Professional Evaluation
Submit an EH&S’s Ergonomics Evaluation Request if a professional evaluation is needed following the Tier One Evaluation.  Here’s a direct link –  EH&S asks that a tier one evaluation be completed prior to submitting a request for professional evaluation.

Furniture and Accessories
COE offers the following 3 chairs for an employee’s workstation set-up. Please send an email to COE Recieving if you wish to try one out before purchase.

Wrist supports, footrests, etc may be purchased directly by managers from referenced vendors.

Request for Accommodation – Height Adjustable Workstation
Sit-stand workstations require a doctor’s note or UCD Professional Ergo evaluation that should be given directly to COE’s HR Manager. Desktop converter may need to be considered/used prior to install of height adjustable desk.

Please follow these steps to request a height adjustable workstation accommodation:

  1. Employee informs supervisor of need for accommodation and gets doctor’s note and/or UCD Ergonomic evaluation.
  2. Employee submits note and/or evaluation directly to HR manager. (Do not include anyone else on correspondence.)
  3. HR sends email to Stephani with cc to Jessie/manager noting that a height adjustable workstation request is needed.
  4. Stephani contacts employee to schedule a time to meet, review current set-up, and coordinate install of height adjustable workstation as needed.
  5. Consideration/use of desktop converter. These items can be purchased directly by department.  Here are a couple of options:
    3. Other option identified by employee.
  6. Installation of height adjustable desk.  This may require a site visit from a UC Davis furniture representative.
  7. Standing mat, footrest, monitor arms, etc purchased as needed.