G52 Committee to Attract, Retain and Develop Staff


The "G52" Committee was named with reference to its work in support of the College of Engineering Strategic Plan, Theme 5 ("Expand and Improve Our Infrastructure"), Goal 2 ("Attract, Retain and Develop Professional Staff"). Formed in summer 2018, the G52 Committee has made steady progress on the following strategies:

  • Via partnership with central Human Resources (HR), develop and implement standardized HR processes and best business practices (involving flowcharts, tracking lists, and clear roles and responsibilities)
  • Develop uniform and effective onboarding procedures
  • Provide more flexible pay ranges for staff on soft money
  • Formulate and promote consistent and meaningful career development plans for staff

Contact Goal Lead Elissa Roeser to learn more and/or get involved.


Notable contributions of the G52 Committee include:

G52 Committee Members

Goal Lead: Elissa Roeser, Executive Assistant Dean of Administration and Finance

Team Members