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Faculty Orientation Workshop

Procedures and Policies

A. Procedures & Policies Useful Websites

  1. University Policy on Integrity in Research
  2. Academic Personnel Manual
  3. Guidelines on University-Industry Relations
  4. UC Policies Pertaining to Research
  5. UC Contract and Grant Manual
  6. UC Patent Policy
  7. UC Policy on Disclosure of Financial Interest
  8. UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual
  9. College of Engineering Faculty Bylaws (PDF)

B. APM-025 Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members

C. Direct Charging of Technical and Administration Personnel Salaries on Federal Contracts and Grants (PDF)

D. Building Industry/University Research Collaborations

  1. Guidelines on University-Industry Relations

E. Limited Submissions – Procedures for Review of Limited Submission Pre-proposals in the College of Engineering (DOC)

  1. Sponsored Programs Limited Submission Pre-proposal Instructions and Information

F. UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual – 230 Sponsored Programs

Funding Opportunities

A. Funding Opportunities Useful Websites (B-L below)B. Community of Science

C. NSF Grant Proposal Guide

D. ONR Young Investigator Program

E. NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program

F. NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates

G. Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.

H. David and Lucille Packard Fellowship

I. Academic Senate Committee on Research E-mail Re: Research Grant and Travel Grant Programs

J. UC Discovery Grant

K. UC Davis Funding – Principal Investigator Bridge Program Guidelines

L. UC Davis Funding – Proposal Preparation and Matching Funds Program Guidelines

Proposal Preparation

A. Proposal Preparation Useful Websites

  1. How to Complete the Data Sheet
  2. Facilities and Administrative Costs (Indirect Costs)
  3. OVCR Equipment Matching Funds

B. College of Engineering Guidelines for Academic Year Salary Recovery from Extramural Grants (Word)

C. Research Proposal Preparation

D. NIH eSubmission Tips for Investigators (PDF)

E. PI Responsibilities (Word)

  1. How to Complete the Data Sheet

F. Facilities and Administrative Costs (Indirect Costs)

  1. Indirect Costs Rate Table

G. Cost-Sharing

  1. College of Engineering Cost Sharing Guidelines (Word)
  2. Initial Implementation Guidance Regarding Implementation of the Revised NSF Cost Sharing Policy (PDF)
  3. NSF Cost Sharing Policy FAQs (PDF)
  4. NSF Notice No. 128 Revision of the NSF Cost Sharing Policy (PDF)

H. Expenditure or Commitment of Funds Prior to Receipt of Award

  1. Exhibit A. Advance Account Request

Office of Research (OR) Staff and Services

A. Office of Research (OR)

B. About Us

C. Staff Directory

  1. Office of Research
  2. Sponsored Programs (select Sponsored Programs from pull-down menu)
  3. IRB Administration (select IRB Administration from pull-down menu)
  4. Research Compliance and Integrity (select Research Compliance from pull-down menu)
  5. Interdisciplinary Research Support (select Interdisciplinary Research Support from pull-down menu)
  6. UC Davis InnovationAccess (select UC Davis InnovationAccess from pull-down menu)

D. Funding Opportunities

  1. Limited Submissions
  2. Internal Funding
  3. UCOP Funding
  4. International Funding
  5. Search for Funding
  6. Funding Alerts
  7. Links to Funding Sources

E. Listserves

F. Proposal Preparation/Guidelines

  1. A Quick Guide to Proposal Preparation
  2. Checklist ñ Proposal Preparation
  3. Reference Information
  4. Checklist ñ Proposal Submission

G. / NIH

  1. for Mac OS X
  2. PI – Preparing, Completing and Submitting a Proposal for
  3. NIH Electronic Submission Overview
  4. Grants.Gov Find, Apply, Succeed
  5. Electronic Submission – eRA Commons
  6. A Walk Through the SF424 (R7R) (PPT File)

Financial Compliance Issues

A. Financial Compliance Issues Useful Websites (see B-E below)

B. Effort Reporting Help for Research and Other Externally Sponsored Projects

C. Charging Practices for Federally Funded Grant and Contracts

D. OMB Circular A-110

E. OMB Circular A-21

Intellectual Property Issues

A. Intellectual Property Issues Useful Websites (below)

B. Guidance for Faculty and Other Academic Employees on Issues Related to Intellectual Property and Consulting