1Because of these increased demands for larger event planning and management for the college, we have created a new policy to define college events and meetings and the staff responsible for planning and executing them.

This new policy defines a college event below in general terms. The College Events and Program Manager has responsibility for planning and coordinating college events.

Meetings are also defined in general terms. Department or Program Staff are responsible for planning and coordinating meetings including scheduling meeting rooms and food and drink if needed.

College Events and Programs

  • Involve 30 or more participants generally
  • Include people from multiple departments and programs within the college or UC Davis
  • Are often more formal in their planning and include professional invitations, RSVP lists, and structured programs involving the Dean
  • Goals are often to convocate students, network with external constituents, conduct Dean’s Office special events and conferences, raise awareness of the college and steward key individuals and businesses
  • Should be planned and coordinated by the College Events and Program Manager


  • Involve fewer than 30 people generally
  • Often are specific to one department or program within the college and serve a business purpose for decision makers or external constituents
  • Often are working meals for decision makers or to boost employee morale
  • Should be planned by a designated departmental or program coordinator
  • May receive guidance from the College Events and Program Manager on best practices, logistics etc.

If you have any questions or need advice on planning an event or meeting, please contact me or:

Francesca Ross
College Program and Events Manager
(530) 754-9666 or

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