Launch of Quarterly Staff “Feature and Fun” Event

Dec. 1, 2017

Beginning this fall, a COE department or the dean’s office will host a quarterly staff event to showcase their department and/or provide an opportunity for staff activity and mingling. The fall quarter event will be hosted by Electrical & Computer Engineering on Tuesday, Dec. 19. Details are as follows: 

FEATURE: Center for Nano-/Micro-Manufacturing Tour, 1-2 pm, Kemper Hall, room 1127 

Do you want to learn what the researchers with white bunny suits at Center for Nano-/Micro-Manufacturing do? Join us for a glimpse into miniaturization technology for controlling electricity, light, and liquids at dimensions smaller than the width of hair in order to engineer faster computers, higher-quality video calls and more effective treatments for diseases.

FUN: Holiday Door Decorating Contest, 2-4 pm  at various COE departments & units (exact locations will be shared closer to date)

Holiday door decorating contest & department open house.  Choose one door in your departmental unit to decorate. The door must still be functional (open & close) and the decorations cannot exceed a depth of 6 inches. Visit each of the departments and vote for your favorite door using this survey link. We recommend that half the staff stay behind to host in their department, while the other half go out and see the doors and then swap. The department that wins first place will receive a hosted lunch!

Questions? Contact Kate Creveling

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