Faculty and Staff Advisory Committees to the Dean

DAVIS, Calif.; December 5, 2016–The UC Davis College of Engineering Faculty Advisory Committee and the Staff Advisory Committee will meet monthly with Dean Curtis to give input about what is working well in the college and what needs improvement as well as to brainstorm new ideas and initiatives to pursue.

In addition, the Staff Advisory Committee has been charged with developing a selection process and categories/titles for four new college staff awards. These staff awards will mirror the college’s four annual Outstanding Faculty Awards. The new staff awards will be given out during the college’s Staff Appreciation Day. The committees met for the first time last week.

Members of the newly-formed committees are as follows:

Faculty Advisory Committee

  • Tina Jeoh, BAE
  • Kyriacos Athanasiou, BME
  • Jeannie Darby, CEE
  • Bruce Gates, CHE
  • Raissa D’Souza, CS
  • Chen-Nee Chuah, ECE
  • Michael Hill, MAE
  • Yayoi Takamura, MSE

Staff Advisory Committee

  • Kameron Chun, BAE
  • Jerry Hu, BME
  • Reina Smarkel, CEE
  • Bill Doering, CHE/MSE
  • Meshell Louderman, CS
  • Kyle Westbrook, ECE
  • CeCe Coyle, MAE
  • Ken Jones, Dean’s Office
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