College of Engineering Strategic Planning Committee

January 31, 2017–The College of Engineering is beginning to develop a strategic plan to help shape our future. The strategic plan will be an active document, to be referenced for prioritizing the allocation of our College’s resources, including time, budgets and facilities. The process to create this strategic plan will be fully collaborative, open to input by all interested members of the College, and engaging all of the College’s key stakeholders. Completion target is the end of 2017. Professor Steve Robinson (MAE Chair) will co-chair the Strategic Planning Committee along with the Dean. Most importantly, we will seek the views and insights from all members of the COE community as we develop the strategic plan as a shared and transparent effort. To assist us during the process, we have engaged an external facilitator – Dr. Pat Sanaghan, who is an expert at strategic planning for universities and author of the book “Collaborative Strategic Planning in Higher Education”. We look forward to drawing on your expertise and hearing your thoughts throughout this essential effort to help guide the College of Engineering into the future.


  • Stephen Robinson, MAE, Department Chair, Faculty
  • Jennifer Curtis, CHE, Dean, Faculty
  • Scott Simon, BME, Faculty
  • Alyssa Panitch, BME, Department Chair, Faculty
  • Colleen Bronner, CEE, LPSOE, Faculty
  • Christopher Cappa, CEE, Faculty
  • David Jones, CEE, Federation Faculty
  • Robert Powell, CHE, Faculty
  • Nael El-Farra, CHE, Faculty
  • Jean VanderGheynst, BAE, Associate Dean, Faculty
  • Stavros Vougioukas, BAE, Faculty
  • Case van Dam, MAE, Associate Dean, Faculty
  • Jim Schaaf, MAE, Associate Dean, Federation Faculty
  • John Owens, ECE, Faculty
  • Josh Hihath, ECE, Faculty
  • Sabyasachi Sen, MSE, Faculty
  • Ricardo Castro, MSE, Faculty
  • Felix Wu, CS, Associate Dean, Faculty
  • Xin Liu, CS, Faculty
  •  Jessie Catacutan, DO, Executive Assistant Dean, Staff
  • Dean Bunn, DO, Staff
  • Douglas Wright, DO, Staff
  • Thomas Bell, BAE, Staff
  • Brooke Noonan, CEE, Staff
  • Kate Creveling, ECE, Staff
  • Jennifer Young, MAE, Staff
  • Christal Wintersmith, BME, Staff
  • Gwen Caramanica, CHE/MSE, Staff
  • Jane Ryan, CS, Staff
  • Bruce West, Dean’s Executive Committee
  • Karl Mohr, Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff to Provost
  • Jenn Nill, Graduate Student
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